Welcome to my first Holistic Life Counselling blog post!

My intention is to share things I’ve  experienced and learned on my journey to wholeness (which, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, I’m still on) and hopefully I can impart some pearls of wisdom along the way.

I started writing my first ever blog back in 2017. It was called “Magical Other Within” and I was always amazed that people actually read it.  I’d completed my Diploma in Counselling and not long after I started writing, I was inspired by go back and complete my Degree.  I should have called it “my never ending search for the magical other, which even though I know is within, I keep looking for outside anyway, because, apparently I take quite a while to learn a lesson!”

What I know now, is if we don’t go inwards and do the work to acknowledge and heal our inner child, if we don’t do the work necessary to invite back the parts of ourselves we’ve abandoned over the years, we are more than likely going to unconsciously attract the same types of partner/life circumstances.  In my case, narcissistic and unavailable men.

I would ignore the red flags being waved right under my nose. I now know instinctively that I will never do this again, because I’ve learned to show up for myself, to trust my instincts.  I formed a reunion with my body and learned to re-parent my inner child.  She is no longer searching for something external to soothe her soul, she has me here with her.

Childhood and relationship trauma

As a person centered counsellor, I now offer online counselling to support women and men who find themselves in similar situations. If your childhood lacked safety, love and acceptance, and your adult relationships result in further hurt and pain, I hope you’ll consider following this blog and even reaching out for support.

I provide online counselling in London and Cape Town and offer support to anyone dealing with:

The end of a relationship

Overcoming trauma



Adjusting to life as a single parent

Grief and loss

I also hope to start running a virtual support group for women who have experienced abuse (non-physical as well as physical) in relationship. Get in touch if you’d like to join!

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