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Welcome to holistic life counselling! My aim is to provide space and time for you to reconnect to your authentic self. I facilitate you in reconnecting your mind with your body and your soul, so that you may live a more joyful and purposeful life.

I offer my clients safety, compassion, empathy, connection, and support. I believe each of us has the to power to reach our soul’s fullest potential, and my role is to assist you in removing the obstacles standing in your way.

I believe it’s important to bravely go inwards and discover the parts of ourselves we don’t like, or we were told not to like, and have instead abandoned. I believe in growth, in being real, in being open yet self-contained! I believe in acceptance and in finding joy!

I can’t wait to meet and start journeying with you on your path!

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reasons & benefits

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“Siobhan has been such incredible support to me through a very difficult period in my life helping me to work through the tangled past trauma, current torrent of emotion and difficult relationships, both personal and professional, to emerge a stronger and more confident version of myself. She has held space for me without judgement and with such kindness and compassion. I would highly recommend her as someone to support you through a difficult time or just to help you to make space for examining your life and how it could be even better.”

– Donné

“I would highly recommend Siobhan if you are just not feeling yourself. She helped me see clarity through the haze after my mother unexpectedly passed away. I am forever grateful to her for helping me during a traumatic time in my life.”

– Sue